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Undergo a Skin Tag Removal Treatment For Your Good

Skin tags are small fleshy growths that usually appear in skin folds, on the neck, armpits, and eyelids. Since skin tags appear in areas that are frequently touched or rubbed, they may be quite annoying. Thus, you should undergo skin tag removal treatment.

Some people may get skin tags due to genetic reasons. However, the most common explanation is that they occur in skin folds where skin rubs against skin. Skin tags are very common and can be shown on almost 50% of the population.
Though it is more common in people:

  1. People with diabetes

  2. People with overweight

  3. Individuals who carry the human papillomavirus.

  4. People who use steroids that cause the skin’s collagen fibres to bond.

  5. People who carry excess weight – because they have more skin creases and folds.

Treating Skin Tags
Though skin tags are rarely cancerous, it is a good idea to consult a dermatologist to let him have a look at them.

Usually, skin tags fall off on their own after some time and there is no need for seeking treatment. However, if your skin tags are bothersome, you may wish to have them removed. There are many different ways to remove skin tags, including:

1. Home Remedies
Most home remedies for skin tag are not scientifically proven, while others can be dangerous. For instance, some people apply clear nail polish, which contains harmful ingredients. Other people use scissors or even nail clippers to clip off the skin tags.
All these options can cause infections or bleeding, so it is not advisable.

2. Excision
This is the most common type of skin tag removal. With the help of a scalpel, the dermatologist will cut off the skin tag.

3. Cryosurgery:
In this procedure, the doctor will use a surgical instrument to apply liquid nitrogen. Which will freeze the skin tag.

4. ligation
ligation technique is another treatment for skin tag removal. It involves tying a sewing thread around the base of the skin tag. This method cuts off circulation, which causes the skin tag to dry up and fall off.


It is possible that you find some of the techniques easy. Though, you are advised not to use them on your own and consult your  private dermatologist . Otherwise, there are high chances that you end up bleeding or infected.